More growth dynamics for Dubai’s real estate as demand increases

More growth dynamics for Dubai’s real estate as demand increases

15 February 2022, Zawya

The International Property Show will be held on 24 – 26 March 2022

Dubai: Exhibitors at this year’s International Property Show are in for a treat as Dubai real estate market continues to show a tremendous increase driven by supportive economic reforms and an accelerated vaccination programme that has helped to hasten a rebound from the coronavirus-induced slowdown last year.

The International Property Show will provide a platform where attendees can explore the leading industry projects of local exhibitors that will notably boost the real estate industry in the country and showcase Dubai’s status as a world-class destination for real estate, trade, business, and tourism.

The President of the International Property Show, Mr. Dawood Al Shezawi said, “The significant increase in property price in UAE and Dubai to be specific is a clear indication of tremendous efforts the government is putting in support of the industry. The year 2021 ended on a high note with apartment sale prices in Dubai increasing by 14% and villa prices increasing by 37%.” A survey recently carried out by The Reuters, states that prices of residential properties in Dubai are set to rise by 5% in 2022, double the 2.5% increase predicted three months ago. The year 2023 also expects a surge of 3% in real estate values as well.

Why You Should Exhibit at IPS:

The International Property Show acknowledges its exhibitors with utmost importance and continuously improves to further enhance the participant’s experience. IPS will gather local and international exhibitors who will feature their industry projects and services with the aim of achieving economic growth for their country and region. The platform comes along with several benefits to the exhibitor including:

Getting maximum exposure to 20K+ high-quality visitors
High Level Conference
Exclusive deals and lucrative offers
Experiencing fast, smooth and secure transactions
Meeting thousands of local and international investors
When investors are looking for an investment opportunity, there are factors that they look into that will be a driving force for them as they make that decision. Dubai’s real estate market, comes with such benefits and advantages to potential investors. This alone is an opportunity to utilize as an exhibitor at the IPS.

Notable impact of the Dubai real estate position can be attributed to as below:

Dubai’s real estate industry over the next 10 years, still has a tremendous amount to grow as new projects still keep getting announced. In the coming years, taking inflation into consideration, one will not get the same one-bedroom apartment at $680,000; it would have doubled by then, and that same unit will be worth over $2m.

Over the past 2 years, the real estate market of Dubai witnessed an influx of investors from across the globe. This can be attributed to its significant growth trends, beneficial business and economic conditions, and its speedy recovery from the pandemic. In addition, the Emirate can generate an ROI of up to a whopping 9%, which is much higher than most markets across the rest of the world can offer at the moment.

Investors are attracted by the high quality of life in the UAE and recent visa reforms. As of September 2021, the UAE announced Green Visas and Freelance Visas which are aimed at self-employed individuals, without a need for sponsorship. Not forgetting that the DLD slashed the minimum qualifying amount for a 3-year investor visa, from AED 1M (USD 272K) to AED 750K (USD 205K).

Dubai is famed for its low crime rate, excellent infrastructure and wide choice of commercial and residential properties, among other factors promoting its investment appeal. As well as this, the city offers 100% real estate ownership in freehold areas, allowing individuals to lease, resell and renovate their properties without any restrictions.

Judging by the above-mentioned tendencies, now is the perfect time to consider exhibiting at the global real estate marketplace.

The Event Overview

The International Property Show (IPS) is an annual mega-property event which began in 2003. Dubbed as the ideal property sales platform, the event gathers 100+ top notch real estate exhibitors from 20+ countries and 10K+ visitors in Dubai every year. Going forward, IPS will be the exhibition platform of choice for all real estate matters in Dubai, embracing both local and international top players within the industry.

The interactive 3-day event will utilize the latest innovation to offer huge real estate opportunities for its visitors through the numerous offerings organized by the Dubai Land Department, in collaboration with the organizing committee of Strategic Events and Exhibitions.

The dynamic activities on IPS are all geared towards ensuring that exhibitors will have a seamless and rewarding experience from this event. It will put an emphasis on the emirate as one of the most favorable cities for trade, business, and tourism, to local and international investors. The event will also serve as a crucial gateway for exhibitors to maximize networking opportunities as it will ignite business partnerships and professional collaborations with top-tier investors and other prominent personalities in the world of real estate.



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