Portfolio Valuation

Valuation of a real estate portfolio refers to the process of determining the total market value of a group of real estate assets that comes from one client. This can include residential, commercial, industrial, and trade properties. Real estate portfolios are commonly owned by investors, real estate developers, or corporations and are used for various purposes, such as financial reporting, portfolio management, asset allocation, and investment decision-making. Valuation of a real estate portfolio is a complex process that involves the analysis of several factors that impact the value of the portfolio, such as the location, size, age, condition, and performance of each individual property.

The process of valuation of a real estate portfolio involves several steps, such as identifying and analyzing each property in the portfolio, determining the market value of each property using appropriate valuation methods depending on the type of property and purpose of valuation, and aggregating the individual property values to determine the total value of the portfolio. Additionally, the valuation may require an analysis of the portfolio’s financial performance, including rental income, occupancy rates, operating expenses, and debt obligations, to determine the portfolio’s income potential and overall financial health.

Experts in Portfolio Valuations

Valuations conducted in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar with a total market value of AED 10+ billion

Extensive Valuation Portfolio

Valuation portfolio entails machinery, plants, equipment, and many more industries

Reliable Data Output

Scientific derived valuations through the market-based and income approach

Competitive Edge

Transparent, detailed and well-disclosed
valuation report

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Dependable relationship with experience consultants

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All valuations signed by senior RERA and RICS registered valuer



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