UAE property market primed for growth amidst strong buyer demand

UAE property market primed for growth amidst strong buyer demand

14 March 2024, ZAWYA

Dubai:- The UAE property market is set to witness significant growth amidst strong buyer demand, according to industry experts and analysts. Buoyed by government initiatives, economic resilience, and robust investor interest, the market is poised for expansion. However, developers and analysts caution that a potential shift in late 2024 could impact the luxury segment.

“Dubai offers a compelling investment proposition with its strategic location, world-class infrastructure, and dynamic business environment.Investors find Dubai an attractive destination due to its unparalleled opportunities for capital appreciation and rental yields. Moreover, the city’s status as a global hub for trade and tourism ensures a steady stream of demand for real estate investments.”, says Soliman Hossameldin, Director of Digital Marketing at D&B Properties. ”

The dynamic performance of both Dubai and Abu Dhabi underscores the resilience of the UAE property market. Government initiatives and sustained economic growth have fueled a surge in transaction volumes, particularly notable in Dubai, which recorded a significant uptick in new property transactions. Projections indicate a 5-7% increase in property prices in Dubai and a 3-9% rise in Abu Dhabi.

In 2023, Dubai witnessed an extraordinary surge in its real estate market, with 116,116 property transactions amounting to AED 429.6 billion. This marked a remarkable 33.8% increase in transactions and a substantial 36.7% rise in values compared to the previous year, demonstrating the market’s resilience and attractiveness to investors.

D&B Properties, a leading real estate brokerage firm in the UAE, has been at the forefront of facilitating investment opportunities in the region. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the local market dynamics, D&B Properties provides comprehensive services to investors, developers, and homeowners alike. Through innovative digital marketing strategies and personalized client service, D&B Properties continues to drive growth and success in the real estate sector.

Investor demand remains robust, with major players hailing from key regions such as India, China, the UK, Europe, and the CIS countries. Moreover, there is emerging interest from Latin America, Mexico, and Canada, indicating the UAE’s growing global appeal as a real estate investment destination. The anticipated post-pandemic recovery in China is also expected to further bolster demand and investor confidence in the market.

As the UAE property market continues to evolve, stakeholders are urged to remain vigilant and adaptable to potential shifts in market dynamics. Developers, investors, and policymakers alike must collaborate to ensure sustainable growth and long-term stability in the sector.



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