UAE Golden Visa holders can now sponsor parents on 10-year residency

UAE Golden Visa holders can now sponsor parents on 10-year residency

15 November 2022 – Khaleej Times –

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Golden Visa holders in the UAE can now sponsor their parents for a 10-year residency, Khaleej Times can reveal. This is part of a significantly expanded Golden Visa scheme that went into effect on October 3.

Firosekhan, operation manager at Arabian Business Centre (Amer Centre – Sheikh Zayed Road), told Khaleej Times: “We issued a 10-year Golden Visa for the parents of a 10-year visa holder. Previously, these used to be issued for a year like it is done for normal residency holders.”

A customer care agent from the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) confirmed the development.

According to the official UAE Government website, an expatriate employee can sponsor parents for a year’s stay by “paying a deposit as a guarantee for each parent as stipulated by the respective immigration department”.

“The deposit that needs to be made to sponsor parents does not apply to Golden Visa holders. They need to submit a document issued by their respective consulates stating that they are the sole caretakers of their parents,” said Firosekhan.

Usually, UAE residency visa holders can sponsor their parents if they earn a monthly salary of at least Dh20,000. This salary requirement, too, does not apply to Golden Visa holders, Firosekhan added.

Hundreds of thousands of Golden Visas have been issued to eligible residents since they were first rolled out. The 10-year visa costs between Dh2,800 and Dh3,800.



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