Three tips to simplify home-buying process in Dubai

Three tips to simplify home-buying process in Dubai

15 December 2021 – Khaleej Times –

Buying a home is a big decision. You could be focussed on building generational wealth or creating an investment to sell when you retire. Whatever your reasons are for buying a home, you should always feel like you are making the right decision.

Traditionally, there are a lot of moving pieces which include constant paperwork, countless viewing schedules, contract negotiations and mortgage financing costs; and this in itself can feel like a full-time job. Tymour Fisher, general manager for Nomad Homes, shares three tips to ensure that the home-buying process is rewarding and hassle-free.

Look at previous transaction data to make a truly informed decision

Today, buyers are demanding that the real estate sector should move in the direction that embraces virtual tours, verified testimonials and qualified ratings. Despite technology seeping across multiple facets of different industries, the real estate market hasn’t quite experienced the same technology evolution and is slow to buck the trend.

The right combination of technology and personalised customer experience can guide buyers through the whole journey from industry insights, market knowledge, and price points, empowering them to purchase their homes with confidence. Nomad Homes digital real-estate platform, for instance, allows investors and homebuyers — once connected with an expert to view previous transaction data per community. With that data in mind, their dedicated experts will guide you to the current price to confidently close the deal.

Minimise the amount of work you need to do

From buying to selling property, it is important that buyers and sellers are presented with a seamless concierge experience that can take care of all the paperwork regardless of location. Nomad, for instance, brings the entire experience of buying and renting homes online. Nomad’s machine learning algorithm uses each customer’s unique requirements to suggest homes on its platform along with available matches throughout Dubai. All properties are then carefully reviewed for quality and accuracy to prevent any fake or even duplicate information.

While technology can work its magic in most instances, it is important for homebuyers and investors to consult with an experienced specialist for professional advice. The nominated advisor then becomes a customer’s single point of contact, removing the need to schedule and coordinate with multiple real estate agents.

Consider all of your financing options before making the big decision

The process of buying a home remains mostly offline, leaving potential home buyers without representation or financial support in what will likely be a consumer’s largest financial asset. It is essential that buyers and sellers are presented with all the options for financing their home. Whether that’s a payment plan or a mortgage, Nomad provides an end-to-end system to support you through that journey.



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