Egypt dollar bonds soar following mega deal with UAE’s ADQ

Egypt dollar bonds soar following mega deal with UAE’s ADQ

27 February 2024, Middle East Economy

Egypt’s economic landscape witnessed a significant upswing on Monday as international bonds soared and currency forwards strengthened following a groundbreaking $24 billion investment agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The real estate deal has injected a renewed sense of optimism into the nation’s financial outlook.

Market response

Egypt’s sovereign dollar bonds experienced a substantial uptick of nearly 5 cents on Monday. This increase matched the gains dollar bonds had recorded on Friday. Hence, many of the country’s dollar-denominated issues are currently at their strongest level in around two years.

Longer-dated bonds traded at around 72-75 cents. Moreover, the latest gains lifted almost all of Egypt’s bonds above 70 cents, which is the threshold below which debt is widely considered distressed.

Immediate economic relief

Analysts and investors view the deal as a significant stride towards alleviating Egypt’s immediate economic challenges. This mainly centers around Egypt’s chronic shortage of foreign currency. Hence, the inflow of funds will help bridge Egypt’s external funding gap. Moreover, it will facilitate a more controlled currency devaluation and potentially catalyze additional support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Despite the short-term economic benefits, concerns linger regarding Egypt’s reliance on mega projects for sustained growth. Moreover, the potential outflow of funds over time also impacts Egypt’s long-term economic stability. Analysts caution that while the deal may offer short-term recovery, Egypt’s prospects for long-term economic health depend on structural reforms and fiscal discipline.

Currency dynamics

Market indicators, such as currency forwards, revealed a shift in forecasts regarding the Egyptian pound’s value against the dollar. The managed pound, which had been fixed for a year, showed signs of flexibility as expectations for devaluation diminished amidst the investment deal’s announcement.

Outlook and expectations

Oxford Economics hailed the investment pact as a “game-changer” for Egypt’s short to medium-term economic outlook. Moreover, it revised down its forecast for the exchange rate at the end of the year to 45 pounds to the dollar from 55 pounds previously. However, it cautioned that long-term challenges persist, emphasizing the need for fiscal discipline and sustainable economic strategies.

Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly reaffirmed the government’s commitment to leveraging the investment deal to bolster economic stability and pursue IMF support. The substantial influx of funds is anticipated to expedite negotiations with the IMF for additional financial assistance.



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