Dubai Investments’ legacy in the UAE property market

Dubai Investments’ legacy in the UAE property market

11 March 2024, Gulf News

In the third and final episode of Investing in the Future, the latest podcast series by Gulf News, financial services expert Gautam Mohanty joins as a guest again to explore Dubai Investments’ crucial role in shaping the real estate sector and skyline of the UAE.

From the marquee properties like Dubai Investments Park and Mirdif Hills to Al Taif Business Centre and the visually stunning Danah Bay, Dubai Investments’ portfolio is a testament to innovation and foresight, says Mohanty. He sheds light on the strategic approach that has set Dubai Investments apart, focusing on multi-use properties that cater to diverse investment appetites.

The conversation touches upon how, throughout its journey since 1995, Dubai Investments has showcased a high level of resilience and adaptability, making a mark for itself in the real estate space. Mohanty talks about the factors driving this sustained growth, from the influx of top talent to the unique property cycle dynamics of Dubai.

He also explores the challenges faced by Dubai Investments, including the importance of managing perceptions in a highly perception-driven industry. Mohanty shares insights into the company’s strategy of predicting demand rather than following trends, creating bespoke solutions for industry, commercial, and residential needs.



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