Digitising Traditional Processes

Digitising Traditional Processes

12 July 2022 – Khaleej Times – www.khaleejtimes.com

Ezytrac Properties Dubai is a registered real estate and property management company that specialises in property management and leasing services. The company maintains a strong market presence and has consistently redefined and evolved, keeping in step with the changing market trends. Ezytrac has an excellent Management Team with over seven years of experience in the industry, which is rarely matched in today’s property market.

With innovative electronic marketing strategies, commitment to personal relationships, and aggressive ongoing annual growth targets in place, the company is planning to progress well into the future.

Taking inspiration from the Government of Dubai’s initiative of taking a number of steps to promote and encourage digital transactions in the country in order to build a ‘digitally empowered economy that is faceless, paperless and cashless’, Ezytrac Properties has come up with a novel and unique digital and paperless transaction solution that enable users to sign documents digitally with a high level of security.

The adoption of this approach has enabled Ezytrac Properties to process transactions quicker without the need to obtain underlying physical documents and eliminate the need for cumbersome documentation, making their entire transaction journey paperless and seamless.

Underlying Ezytrac Properties Dubai’s commitment is its objective to bring innovations that digitise traditional processes, thereby enabling the processes to analyse more data, and make it accessible online in real-time while making them more efficient and user-friendly. This is a breath of fresh air in the industry where most real estate companies spend so much time and effort on making physical contracts for property owners, buyers, and tenants for signatures. Contracts are the most important for renting, selling, and management of properties as they provide the reference details of the property owner, buyers, and tenants, property details, and terms and conditions agreed by the parties.

Ezytrac Properties has been proactive in identifying customers’ needs and creating customised solutions with EZY access, reducing the time-consuming process of transactions by enabling EZY Contracts, which provide an end-to-end online service developed by Ezytrac Properties Dubai, which is supported by various digital devices. The digital signing via a paperless procedure ensures that all contracts and transaction processes are efficient and successful in such a dynamic market. The parties to the contracts can sign contracts via email without any sign-in process, and can be accessed online five years from the contract creation date. Not only in contracts but also with regard to transactions, Ezytrac Properties has introduced paperless receipts, paperless invoices, and digital inspections with QR codes, which makes the complete transactions paperless. As a forerunner in the market, Ezytrac Properties offers a first-of-its-kind services that will assist property owners, buyers, and tenants by establishing paperless transactions in a single-stand access to real estate services at any time and from any location.



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