Dhs180bln Dubai real estate sales in 9 months

Dhs180bln Dubai real estate sales in 9 months

30 September 2022 – ZAWYA BY REFINITIV – www.zawya.com

  • The highest  quarterly sales for Dubai real estate in Q3
  • Unprecedented performance in September
  • Walid Al Zarooni: Dubai real estate market in full momentum with breaking records

Dubai – UAE: A survey made by the Dubai-based real estate brokerage, W Capital, revealed the upward trajectory of the Dubai real estate sector throw new sales record number during the first nine months of 2022. The total sales value exceeded Dhs180bn, with more than 67,000 transactions, making it the largest sales value ever during that period, according to the latest data issued by DLD.

For the first time, the value of real estate sold for the period from January 1 to September 30 of each year exceeded Dhs180bn, compared to Dhs116bn the highest sales number recorded in 2009, followed by Dhs102.6bn last year 2021.

Monthly sales since the beginning of September 2022 until now has recorded an increase of 76% year-on-year compared to its counterpart last year.

The month of September of 2022 also witnessed the highest total value of real estate sales deals in the Emirate of Dubai, topping Dhs21bn to date, distributed over about 7,425 deals, which is the highest value ever for the month of September, followed by monthly sales of Dhs16bn last year, then Dhs12.6bn. in 2013.

The third quarter of this year witnessed the highest quarterly sales value ever, exceeding Dhs68bn, spread over more than 25,000 deals.

Data showed an increase of 9.2% in Q3 deals and 13% in transaction value. The third quarter also showed a remarkable performance and achieved a 55% increase in volume and a 60% increase in value year-over-year compared to the third quarter in 2021.

Waleed Al Zarooni, W Capital CEO, said that the real estate market in Dubai continues to break records time after time, recording a new highs not seen before in terms of sales values ​​and deal numbers. This is a strong indication of The continuation of the momentum and exceptional performance that started since late last year, and strong evidence of the increasing investment appetite for the real estate sector in the emirate.

“The real estate market has achieved unprecedented performance since the beginning of this year. Showing another record in the history of Dubai during the month of September,” the CEO said.” There was record growth in demand driven by a number of positive factors, in light of expectations of positive indicators during the remaining months of this year, with a record recovery and prosperity and steady growth in real estate sales to exceed Dhs230bn by the end of 2022,” he added.

Al Zarooni pointed out that the Dubai real estate market continues to receive great support from the unlimited facilities and qualitative initiatives launched by the emirate’s government, represented in the policies to support expatriates, new residency laws, and the residence of entrepreneurs and investors, in addition to the infrastructure that made Dubai a global hub in for real estate investors. And cemented its position at the forefront of global destinations as the best place to live, work and invest.

He explained that the increase in the return on real estate investment by a large percentage encouraged the influx of foreign investors to buy, adding that the market witnessed a radical change, especially with the noticeable shift in investments during the past few years, as it attracted foreign investors and capital after it was focused on local investors. The sector witnessed a significant increase in the sale of luxury and distinctive properties in conjunction with the increase in the investments of wealthy, thanks to the advanced infrastructure in addition to the distinguished lifestyle that includes the best hotels and restaurants in the world and the exceptional amenities.

Al Zarooni pointed out that the ” Dubai Expo 2020 “, had the greatest impact in promoting the good investment and residence in Dubai and increased the demand for buying real estate.

“Despite the significant rise in prices, there is still an opportunity to acquire a property for the purpose of investing and achieving a good return, as the sector benefits from the growth of GDP, supported by the growth of the oil and non-oil economy in the UAE,” Al Zarooni continued.

The first 9 months sales 2000-2022

Sales / Dhs-bn No. of deals Year
180.72 67178 2022
102.64 42556 2021
48.63 23404 2020
54.43 26404 2019
55.79 24381 2018
88.18 35833 2017
74.98 29549 2016
95.17 34992 2015
101.72 41180 2014
91.87 42632 2013
48.86 25196 2012
45.94 23488 2011
66.27 38840 2010
115.83 72689 2009
91.29 16764 2008
31.15 5548 2007
13.07 1751 2006
12.65 2142 2005
8.78 2183 2004
4.42 1512 2003
3.41 1536 2002
2.60 1075 2001
1.16 696 2000






























* available data until 27-9-2022
-source: DLD

September sales 2000 – 2022

Sales / Dhs-bn No. of deals September
21.41 7425 2022*
16.12 5721 2021
8.34 3718 2020
6.11 3661 2019
5.22 2665 2018
8.14 3043 2017
4.89 2261 2016
11.05 3817 2015
10.80 4094 2014
12.59 6753 2013
5.95 3099 2012
3.94 2327 2011
3.28 1797 2010
6.19 4391 2009
10.63 1792 2008
5.58 1049 2007
1.53 199 2006
1.01 172 2005
0.946 226 2004
0.343 201 2003
0.234 113 2002
0.336 114 2001
0.085 49 2000





























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