CNN: Dubai Expo City Is A Model For Cities Of The Future

CNN: Dubai Expo City Is A Model For Cities Of The Future

30 March 2023, Globe World News Echo

CNN stated that Dubai Expo City is distinguished as the most digitally connected city among all the sites that have hosted Expo exhibitions throughout its history.

The network described the city as an ideal model of what the cities of the future will look like.

The network broadcasted a television report from within the city to review the most prominent aspects of digital connectivity that the city enjoys by equipping it with ultra-modern technologies, such as the Internet of Things.

The network explained that it is very difficult to imagine our daily life without the Internet of Things, and that the Expo City is an ideal model for embodying how the Internet of Things will affect the shape of life within future cities.

The report stated that the city embodies the fact that the Internet of Things, through more innovative solutions it provides, paves the way for tomorrow’s world in which cities live more efficiently.

The report included an interview with Helmut von Struve, CEO of Siemens Middle East, the technical partner of Expo City. Struve reviewed the most prominent Internet of Things applications within the city.

He said: «Here in the heart of the city is the Dome of Wasl, which turns into the largest 360-degree viewing screen in the world in the evening.

The installation of the dome includes small structures equipped with our technologies that increase the level of cooling in the site, by absorbing heat.

He added, “I would like the Internet of Things to help us be more sustainable, especially within cities, as they already consume huge amounts of energy.

The Internet of Things will increase the levels of efficiency and sustainability in energy consumption within cities, and thus enhance the levels of safety.



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