Cloud adoption to boost business growth in UAE

Cloud adoption to boost business growth in UAE

02 February 2024, Khaleej Times

When it comes to economic spillovers, cloud adoption is most propelling growth in the UAE. According to a report, a 1% rise in cloud adoption by UAE organizations will lead to an average GDP growth of 0.21% ($854.7 million), which is the greatest growth rate in the area and three times that of the MENA region.

“By migrating to the cloud, enterprises are given an abundance of opportunities, including improved efficiency, customer services, and conveniences, making business simpler and more effective. However, with this comes a myriad of new cybersecurity threats, as well as legislation restrictions and, worse, potentially losing the trust of their customers. Cloud technologies are evolving in this dynamic space to tackle these challenges, with the right solutions,” Tony Bates, chief executive officer for Genesys, a global cloud leader in AI-powered experience orchestration, told Khaleej Times in an interview.


How is AI revolutionizing enterprises and customer experiences here in the UAE

Artificial intelligence has drastically revolutionized the IT business, impacted many sectors and played an important role in customer journey experience. AI has helped to improve user experiences by tailoring recommendations, information, and services to individual needs.

At Genesys, we’ve optimized multiple AI disciplines, including conversational and automation AI, and combined them into a single platform to deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences, transforming customer experience (CX) strategies to maximize efficiency while fostering customer relationships.

Instead of simply collecting data for a better personalized consumer experience, there will be a combination of data science and psychology, correlating the data with personalised habits and behaviours.

In what way has digital transformation impacted the ever-changing retail landscape

Digital transformation has enhanced not only the customer-facing aspects of retail, but also operational efficiency and inventory management. Retailers have implemented complex supply chain management systems to improve inventory control, optimize stock levels, and eliminate inefficiencies.

With this regard, Genesys is leading the way in the CX industry in providing a software platform that provides the business resilience, data protection, and localization expertise. Automation and robotics have also been implemented in warehousing and logistics operations, increasing speed and accuracy while lowering costs. Furthermore, the application of predictive analytics allows merchants to forecast demand, minimize stockouts, and effectively manage inventory, resulting in less waste and higher profitability.

What are the future plans for Genesys in the UAE and wider region?

Genesys has made its mark in the Middle East by announcing the launch of its first Middle East Genesys Cloud CX Region in the UAE. This will improve services for both customers and employees in the UAE and the wider Gulf Corporation Council (GCC). This launch is important for local businesses because it lets them move their customer centres to the cloud while keeping their private customer data in the area.

This is especially helpful in the UAE, especially in industries with strict rules, like healthcare, telecoms, financial services, and the public sector. With Genesys’s business solution, data is protected by multiple layers of security and controls are in place to keep customer data private, correct, and accessible.

Also, Genesys just opened a new headquarters in Riyadh, bringing more of their knowledge to the Kingdom. They offer top-notch contact centre solutions that can improve the customer journey. This makes it clear that the company wants to support KSA’s vision 2030, which is to improve people’s quality of life and provide them with great customer service.



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