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Management Consulting 

The Management consulting arm of Windmills helps organizations improve their performance by analyzing existing business problems and developing solutions. We provide a wide range of services, including highest and best use studies, project feasibilities, business plans, risk analysis and financial management consultancy services. We work with organizations across various industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, and retail. Our management consultants are hired for their expertise in identifying problems, recommending solutions, and implementing them efficiently.

Our management consulting work involves a rigorous process that starts with defining the problem and collecting data. We then analyzs the data and develops solutions that meet the organization’s objectives. Subsequent step is to present the solutions to the organization’s leadership team and helps implement them.

Our Management Consulting services include:
• Highest and Best Use Studies
• Business / Project Feasibility Studies
• Business Plans
• Business Enhancement Consulting
• Risk Analysis & Mitigation Reporting
• Financial Management Consulting
• Marketing Strategy Consulting
• Operational Policies Consulting
• Turn Around Advisory
• Project Monitoring Service
• Customized Market Research Report

Building Consulting Services

Building consulting services of Windmills intends to assist individuals, organizations, and businesses in the smooth construction, operation and maintenance of buildings. Our Building consultants work with architects, contractors, and building owners to ensure that the desired consulting objectives are met. Building consulting services are essential for ensuring that buildings are constructed, operated and maintained to a high standard.

Our Building consultants help in determining opex / capex component of building costs and monitoring escrow account related transactions. We also assist in determining whether buildings comply with local building codes and regulations, which can be complex and vary from location to location. We also help ensure that buildings are structurally sound, examine building condition and suggest mitigation measures for technical snagging issues. This ensures timely intervention and cost savings for building owners in the long run. In summary, our building consulting services are critical for ensuring that buildings are safe, efficient, and sustainable, and can help building owners save time, money, and resources.

Our Building Consulting services includes:
• Reserve Fund Study
• Service Charges Modeling
• Building Condition Survey
• Structural Survey
• Technical Snagging
• Reinstatement Costs Assessment
• Reviewing and monitoring escrow account relating payments
• Measurement Survey of Internal / External areas

Strategic Advisory

We facilitate in developing and monitoring your company’s business plans

Building Consulting

We are your single point of contact for building condition study, service cost modeling and capital cost allocation

In-depth Experience

We possess expertise in managing and advising extensive transactions, trade, lending and more

Business / Project Feasibility study

Analyzing the availability of a proposed project or business venture by examining its potential market, competition, financial projections, and other relevant factors

Project Monitoring Service

Monitoring a project’s progress, ensuring that it stays on track and meets its objectives.

Customized Market Research Reports

Providing businesses with detailed information and analysis on target market, completion, and industry trends to inform decision making and strategic planning



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