Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah rank among the world’s 10 most affordable cities

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah rank among the world’s 10 most affordable cities

14th August 2023, Property News

Three cities in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, are listed among the top ten most affordable cosmopolitan cities in the world, with Kuwait taking the top spot.

Kuwait is the cheapest city in the world, with residents’ average monthly income being $6,199 and their average monthly living expense being $752.70.

According to a survey by Workyard Research, residents in Kuwait are able to keep a large portion of their salary after paying for their essential living expenses, making Kuwait the most affordable city on the list. New York, despite having high earnings, is the least affordable city on the list due to its exorbitant living costs.

The second most cheap city in the world for high incomes and low living expenses is Abu Dhabi. The average monthly household income in this area is $7,154, and the average monthly living expense is $873.10.

The average monthly income in Riyadh, which ranks third in terms of affordability, is $6,245. Monthly living expenses there are $814.90. With large paycheques and small bills, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh both have a powerful punch, according to Workyard.

Fourth and fifth on the list, respectively, are Dubai and Sharjah, where the average monthly salary is $7,118 and $5,229, respectively. The monthly cost of living in these cities is respectively $1,007 and $741.30.

Experts from the research company analyzed data from 20 cities to identify areas where residents can live comfortably while still earning a high income. The information was gathered from official labor sources and compared for 2023 between the average monthly income and monthly living expenditures for each city. Cities that provide excellent chances for people seeking a high-earning, low-cost lifestyle are listed as a result.

Melbourne, Australia, is a wonderful destination to work and live outside of the Middle East, with an average monthly salary of $7,312 and living expenses of roughly $1,079.20.

Norway’s Oslo isn’t far behind either. It is a Nordic refuge, with a median monthly income of $7,543 and a median cost of living of $1,121.50.

Eighth and ninth on the list, with monthly wages of $8,411 and $9,249, respectively, are London and San Francisco. These cities have slightly higher monthly living expenses of $1,260.80 and $1,440.10.

Finishing off the top ten is Zurich. The median monthly household income is $9,222, and the average monthly cost of living is $1,815.20.

Surprisingly, New York faces the most difficult difficulty juggling income and living expenses. The average New Yorker makes only $4,205 per month in income yet shells out a staggering $1,448 for living expenses.



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