Why Windmills

Our firm and executives are registered with RICS.  Our Managing Director has been the board member, director and CEO of the publicly listed companies in the region, and is an approved senior professional by relevant Central Banks, Capital Market Authorities, RICS and other regulatory authorities. We understand ethics well, and fully comply with the highest international standards of integrity, service, trust, respect and responsibility.

We have well focussed and diverse valuation experience. It is not limited to valuing only freehold real estate properties. We have significant experience  in valuing locally hold and leasehold properties, machines and equipment, vehicles and companies (in the IPOs and private fund raising processes).

In addition to our direct 20 years of valuation experience in the region and internationally, we  also possess extensive governance, financing, investment and risk management experience internationally, which help us understand our client needs and expectations more objectively.

With 30 years of our local clients service and market experience in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon and Pakistan, we understand local culture and prevailing business fundamentals better.

Since we are not engaged in the brokerage or property management business related to our valuation sectors and deals, our services possess no conflict of interest professionally.

Our management and team members are well qualified with Corporate Governance, RICS, Chartered Accountancy, CFA, MBA, Banking Diploma, Engineering disciplines.

Windmills services are targeted to be provided at the highest quality possible, and yet on an economical fee basis.