Dubai launches rental good conduct certificates

Dubai launches rental good conduct certificates

Arabian Business, 10 October, 2018

Dubai’s Rental Disputes Centre has launched a Rental Good Conduct (RGC) certificate service that it says will built trust between landlords and tenants and lead to a decrease in the number of disputes between them.

The service can be obtained through mobile phones by downloading the RDC application from the Apple Store or Play store, and choosing one of three options: inquiry on tenant, inquiry on leaser or inquiry on request status.

“The new service implements the initiatives offered by the centre to reduce rental disputes and was initiated following the monitoring of several cases where a tenant rents a unit and only pays the first instalment of the agreed total cost,” said Judge Abdulqader Mousa, the director of the RDC.

“At the end of the contract, the same person rents another unit and repeats the act in other properties, exposing the leaser to sever losses.

“This service will assist real estate management companies in finding rental information of a person they intend to contract with and avoid such mishaps,” he added.

One of the benefits of the service, Mousa added, is that a customer can inquire whether or not a rental case was filed against them to avoid being subjected to sudden legal implications, travel prevention or the seizure of their accounts and property, as well as allowing leasers to inquire about people.

“In additional, it also allow tenants to inquire about the leaser and whether they are known to cause legal problems with tenants,” he added.

Among those who have praised the move is Muhammed binGhatti, the CEO and head of architecture at Binghatti holding, who said that the RGC service “will ensure a safe environment that benefits both landlords and tenants and enhance trust between them.”

BinGhatti added that the initiative will ensure happiness and confidence of customers, investors, and Dubai’s population as a whole”.