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Windmills provides valuation, value-add, and advisory services.  We have valued over 3,000 assets related to real estate, industries, and business, with estimated market value of AED 60+ billion, for more than 1,000 clients. Windmills is compliant with RICS and RERA Valuation Standards. We have advised many clients on strategic leadership, investment, business, financing, risk mitigation and operations. 

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Windmills’ valuation and advisory services meet your requirements under lending, investment, insurance, financial reporting, litigation etc.  Our valuation services covers real estate, machinery and equipment, and business assets. Windmills Advisory Team has been instrumental in maximizing revenues, minimizing costs and upgrading organization efficiency and controls for many clients in GCC Countries.


(Windmills and Our Previously Owned and Managed Companies)

 We specialize in providing services to Governments, Banks, Finance Companies, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Developers, Brokers and Managers, Family Groups, Investment Houses, and Public and Private Corporates.

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Client Satisfaction about Windmills' Advisory Services


(Windmills and Our Previously Owned and Managed Companies)

  • Kindly be informed that we have thoroughly reviewed your company profile, capabilities and experience and accordingly the Bank management approved your proposal to be one of our valuators with services limited to Equipment, Machinery and Industrial factories appraisals

    Financed Projects Monitoring Unit - Commercial Bank of Qatar
  • We hope this would be a positive start with Ahli Bank and its clients who will gain from your expertise in this sector by providing objective and independent valuation services.

    Corporate Banking - Ahlibank

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